Three Simple Things (Yes, simple!) That Kill Dreams

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Everyone has got a dream or aspiration they are pursuing. That's a beautiful thing in itself, because if you are not dreaming, you are not growing! As Carol Burnett puts it, "when you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go." However, on most occasions, this is better imagined than in reality. There are certain hindrances or bottlenecks dreamers contend with from time to time, which may make realizing their aspirations impossible.

Here are three simple things that can sabotage any of your lofty dreams:

Apparent lack of clarity: As a dreamer, you must be able to see and envision clearly what you want to achieve with your dream. If you can't see it vividly in your imagination, chances are that you don't actually know what you are dreaming about. So, get clear on the goals you want to pursue. Outline the appropriate strategies that will make those goals attainable. Then pursue it with the vigor of a bull! Tom Steyer once said, “clarity of vision is key to your achieving your objectives.” Whatever your goals in life, whether to start a new business, go to college, get married, have a family, or even retire early, to achieve any of them, you need clarity of purpose. When you get clear about what you want, how to go about achieving them and sustaining the tempo, you are on your way to becoming an outstanding success.

Bandwagon Approach: It is almost impossible to succeed if you always follow the crowd. Avoid getting sidetracked by a bandwagon approach, which necessitates that you must do what the other people are doing. We are all not going to be tech entrepreneurs or astronauts, pursue the goals that suit your personality and temperament. There are a lot of distractions by allowing others to dictate your moves. Due to their selfish ambitions, others may create hurdles on your path of success and make it apparently difficult for you to climb up the ladders of success on time.

Indecision: You cannot remain forever indecisive if you truly want to achieve all your lofty aspirations. Take hard and thought-through decisions and stand by them. Work hard to bring those decisions into reality. Pursue your goals with a fervor of a person who knows no fear. Tony Robbins reportedly said, “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” It is either you decide to remain the same or work towards rebuilding your life and changing lifestyles or attitudes that do not necessarily support your greater aspirations. It is all about the quality of the decisions you will be making. Being inactive cannot benefit you in any way; you’ve got to take your fate in your hands and vow that you will do whatever it takes to make a success of your life.

If you can patiently consider the points raised above, you will discover that you can actually bring your dreams into reality, no matter how long you have been laboriously working on them.

Let your dreams take a flight!