The Benefits of Being Focused, Disciplined, and Dedicated

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There are distractions everywhere, and if you take your eyes off your goals chances are that you will not be able to achieve your expected academic goals.

We are often told that to accomplish anything in life, we need to plan, execute the plan, and then maintain the tempo for a very long time. While it seems easy to do, but the reality is not often the case. Instead, most people let distractions derail them and spend their energy concentrating on things that will have no apparent contributions to their academic success.

Here is the good news: If you are focused, disciplined, and dedicated there is nothing that will be impossible for you!

          Advantages of Being Focused

Some of the advantages or importance of being focused include high productivity, better quality, and quick turnaround for completing academic tasks. It doesn’t matter how many quotes about being focused that you memorize every day or how many essays about being focused that you read from time to time, the most important thing is taking actions. A look into the lives and attitudes of people who have had extraordinary academic successes reveals their secret weapons for staying focused, some of which are highlighted below for your reading pleasure:

·Being focused on God: They acknowledge God as the source of their intellectual abilities and constantly appreciate His power in helping them keep their useful knowledge.

·Disciplining the mind: Your mind can be compared to a fertile soil where you plant ideas. If you let idleness slips into it, it will germinate and waste your precious time that could have been spent improving your academic performance. We are living in a period of overwhelming information when most people are confused about which information to absorb. It is your responsibility to guard your mind and filter what gets into it.

         How to be Disciplined?

The simplest way to define self-discipline is to consider it “an approach for having maximum control over one’s actions, knowing when and how to do what is right” in order to attain a sterling academic performance. We all have the same 24 hours, but some disciplined persons are able to get more done within those hours and consistently improve themselves. If you are wondering about how to build self-discipline, there are no fast rules: You need to take some or all of the steps listed below:

·Saying Yes/No: To be a truly disciplined person, you cannot always say “yes” to everything or every one that comes your way. Learn to say “No!” to some ideas, relationships, or issues that have no measurable impacts on your academic progress.

·Ask important questions: When something or someone pops up in your life, ask sensible questions to determine if they are for your progress or not. What is in this relationship for me? Will this person add quality to my academic pursuit?

·Be consistent: To be honest, self-discipline is all about being consistent in your drive to use your time productively and avoid any distractions that may squander your precious time. Keep protecting your time, space, and academic goals and never allow a time-waster to get into you. That’s a colossal mistake to let someone who can’t add any apparent value to you to get into your inner circle.

    Why is being dedicated important?

Being dedicated to God and your academic pursuit indicates that you’ve got no time to waste loafing around. You are putting all your energy into something that matters and not on distractions that will serve you no purpose. Being dedicated entails knowing what to spend your scarce time on; you understand that if you fail to do those extra tasks, read more resources, and brainstorm with intelligent pals, you may lag behind in your academic goals. Why is being dedicated important? You understand that time wasted can never be redeemed. More so, you have noticed some benefits of being dedicated in some high achievers who learnt how to differentiate between time-wasting activities and those that will add value to their academic levels. There are several good examples of being dedicated all around you; it is your responsibility to learn from people who have mastered how to focus on things that matter and achieve outstanding success in their academics.