You Need A New Mindset To Experience A New Life

         “No one pours a new wine into an old wine skin (bottle),” Mark 2:22

   As Albert Einstein reportedly said, “it is foolhardy to do something the same way and expects a different outcome” (paraphrased). The same philosophy is applicable to everyone today: to experience a new life or a new success, it is imperative that people must adopt a new way of thinking, living and reasoning.

  This begins with the stark realization that you are solely responsible for some of the things that happened to you. It is reasonable to state that there are other circumstances that may be beyond your power, which people normally refer to as the “act of fate or destiny”, and from which God has the supernatural power to rescue you, but there are some problems in your life that a little transformation in your attitude, belief and mindset may help resolve. Take for instance, a person who lacks personal accountability in the areas of finances, time management and interpersonal communication may learn how to change his or her bad habit and re-position himself or herself for greater successes.

 The funniest thing is that most people cannot actually identify those success-inhibiting mindsets that they possess. This is because if you can identify that line of thought, belief or philosophy that stands between you and your success, you will, for sure, do everything within your power to remove those obstacles.

 So, here are some of the mindsets that can hinder your desire to achieve enviable success in life:

  • Negativism: Entertaining negative thoughts, ideas, messages et cetera can turn you into a die-hard pessimist—someone who can never see any positive thing or opportunity in everything!
  • Low self-esteem: There is little you can get done if you don’t actually believe in yourself, your ability or capability, and your skills. No one can help you believe in YOU if you are not willing to do so. It is a personal duty that everyone grapples with on a daily basis.
  •  Unteachable: People who are not teachable never learn anything new: they often let their ego, personal achievement and level of education stand in the way of learning how to overcome the problems in their lives.
  • Comfort-zone dwellers: Those who dwell happily in their comfort zones never aspire to learn how they can expand their horizons. They are already settled and mostly unwilling to welcome any new thing that is capable of tipping them off their current comfortability scales. Such people never believe anyone can live happily and healthily in stupendous success. They are satisfied with their current meager livelihoods!